Celebrities are just like us, right? They over-eat sometimes; they pick at their skin and fuss with their hair… But with their glam squads of estheticians, makeup artists and airbrushers they manage to appear flawless in magazines and on TV. But in person they have nowhere to hide, so every celebrity sighting at New York Fashion Week was precious because I got to see their skin up close. Aviva Dresher? She’s Botox-injected to maximum smoothness. Joan Rivers? Pulled tighter than saran wrap, Kimora Lee Simons? She has a few fine lines but over-all she’s stunning. Adam Lambert? I just about fainted: his skin is flawless.

Lambert-1Lambert2Glambert, as his fans affectionately call him, had years of acne that left him with cratered and pock-marked skin. Even American Idol make-up couldn’t conceal his bad skin. So what saved Glambert’s skin?

We don’t know Glambert’s secret, but we do know what works.  According to the buzz at Fashion Week, the one-two- punch of laser facials and microdermabrasion work wonders.

It’s simple, Assara laser facials will help your skin generate collagen, minimize acne scars and remove discoloration spots.  Laser facials also improve rosacea, destroy impurities below the skin and clear acne, restoring my skin’s natural glow. Assara laser facials also smooth fine lines and wrinkles. During the facial, the laser feels warm and relaxing.

Assara microdermabrasion is done with a state of the art diamond-tipped wand that strips away dead and damaged cells and sucks them up into a vacuum to reveal new skin. It’s also super effective on fine lines, acne, blackheads, age spots, uneven skin tone and scars. In less than 30 pain-free minutes, and with no recovery time, you (and Adam Lambert…) get results you could never get from doing an exfoliation or a scrub at home

I’ve had several laser facials and microdermabrasion sessions at Assara, so this information is all true and from my personal experience. After a laser facial and a microdermabrasion session at Assara, my skin feels fresh and deeply clean. And now, you too know the secret to beautiful skin.

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