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Yossi Brock is on the brink. His ambitions are sky high and his fashion photography career is taking off. We sat down with the New York native to dish on beauty, body hair, models and a few other things that matter.

Yossi Brock, 25.

Born in: Brooklyn, NY.

People have told him he looks like: Jude Law.

yossi brock

Current occupation: Freelance Fashion photographer.

His dream job: In my wildest dreams I’d be an art director, doing something high end where projects have unlimited budgets. It’s a vague idea but I’ll get there.

On working with fashion models: They’re hardworking. I shoot real people and professional models. The difference is that a professional model literally gives you her face and body. She’s giving you constant poses. She instinctively knows what’s needed to create the image.

Favorite neighborhood of New York: The Lower East Side. It’s where I discover new things. It’s where real art and fashion collaborations naturally happen.

A photo shoot works when: Everyone is in a good mood.

His best skincare tip: After you wash your face, moisturize immediately. Dry skin is not healthy skin. I don’t even pat my face with a towel. I want my skin to keep its natural oils; they are not to be removed. Dehydration leads to blemishes.

His thoughts on facial microdermabrasion: What’s that?

Really you don’t know? Well, microdermabrasion is cosmetic treatment done by specialists at Assara Laser.  They use a diamond tipped wand to scrub and suck away dead skin cells. Microdermabrasion removes sunspots, erases fine lines and prevents blemishes. Now, his thoughts on microdermabrasion: Oh, I would definitely do that. I worship clean, clear healthy skin. As a photographer it’s something I look for. And for myself, if I have a blemish I’m not my best self.

Body hair is: Beautiful on men. To me, a man without a beard is not attractive. It’s not because beards are in style now, I’ve always loved facial hair on men. If I meet a guy and he doesn’t have a beard I’m like “grow some facial hair and then we can talk.”

His hair removal habits: Basically I avoid having my eyebrows become a uni-brow by plucking with tweezers. That’s it.

On women’s hair removal habits: If I see a girl with a hairy upper lip I want to tell her to get laser hair removal as soon as possible. Let’s be real, a moustache on a woman will never be in style.

If he could have unlimited laser hair removal from Assara he would: Give it as a gift. That’s an awesome gift. My friend got laser hair removal on the sides of her face and it worked like a charm. Her skin is smooth and hair free. I always thought she was beautiful and I never noticed the hair, but it made her so happy. She had great results. No more hair over there.

He can’t live without: My sister, and that’s an answer from my heart. She was there for me in some dark times and that’s what counts.

His recently acquired taste: The clothing brand Scotch & Soda. It’s simple durable quality menswear with a touch of style.

His favorite winter escape: I don’t escape winter, I layer on furs and coats. I love warm fabrics.

In the morning he: I bounce out of bed with a sense of urgency. And then I go directly to Facebook. I always think someone might be writing me some very important message while I was sleeping. I have friends in different time zones so it’s totally possible.yossi brock1

His pet peeve: Being ignored. I think it’s disrespectful to ignore someone. I mean, tell me to go away or tell me you don’t like me, but please do not ignore me.

His favorite fashion trend: Mixing prints and patterns. When you mix them they become greater than the sum of their parts. Designer Mary Katrantzou does it best right now.

Worst fashion trend: Drop crotch jeans, like when it looks like you pooped your pants. No good.His favorite smell: Jasmine flowers. When I smell them I feel like it’s a good moment in my life.

The motto he lives by: It’s a cliché but “to thine own self be true.” Let the evolution of you happen, but be true to yourself. The world has a lot of opinions and chaos and you have to have thick skin and be confident.

If you want to find out more about laser hair removal or microdermabrasion call us at 212.956.2691 to book your free consultation.


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