Laser Gal and Her Fashion Week Hair Removal Hijinks


The perks of attending New York Fashion week are really endless! From the free goodie bags, to the inspiring clothes and celebrity sightings, it’s all fashionable angels and glamorous butterflies. The day of the Walter Baker fashion show I met two women of the Real Housewives of New York City, one was a wicked hag and the other was a vision of glamour and grace.

My first meeting was a big letdown, Ramona Singer, the pino grigio chugging blond, swiftly rebuffed Laser Gal’s attempt to talk. Why does Ramona attend public events if she doesn’t want to meet any fans? She huffed past me and mumbled “I’m too busy for this”. I could have crawled into a hole, I was so embarrassed! Then I witnessed Ramona doing the same rude thing to every other person who approached her as she rushed around the Fashion Week tents attempting to look busy or important. Oh well… It’s Ramona’s loss!

Now on to a more positive and fun celebrity sighting… Meeting ex-New York Bravo housewife Alex McCord was a polar opposite experience. She was sweet, patient and looked amazing in person! Alex McCord isalex-mccord-225x300 one of those celebrities who has naturally perfect skin. Her face was poreless and her skin was as smooth can be! From what I could tell, her great skin isn’t due to any surgical enhancements… Pitty the poor people like Laser Gal who have to get laser facials and microdermabrasion to achieve smooth skin. Alex McCord seems to have been born with naturally smooth skin! Although McCord is not on this season of the Housewives of New York, the Brooklyn resident told us exclusively that she and her eccentric husband Simon will be on VH1’s Couple Therapy next season… That is going to be Must See TV!

Laser Gal was too star-struck to offer McCord Assara laser hair removal or a laser facial on the house… I hope she would not have been taken aback by the offer… Even beautiful skin like hers can benefit from a touch of laser cosmetics! After all laser facials stimulate collagen production… Which young skin produces naturally, but as we age… Well you know the story…

alexmccord1-224x300I’d love to see Alec McCord at Assara! After all, anyone looking for a solution to their skin issues and unwanted body hair should be making monthly visits for skin tune-ups and permanent hair removal… Even if they are flawless celebrities like Alex McCord!

I have more juice from Fashion Week I’ll be dishing out, so check back here tomorrow for more hair removal hijinks!



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