Men’s Laser Facial

Given our long work hours and daily shaving routines which often include products with skin-drying alcohol, men's skin is more prone to signs of aging. Poor skin hygiene leads to a buildup of dead cells, which in turn makes skin tired and dull. Inadequate skin hygiene also contributes to premature aging and sun damage.

Men's Laser Facial

Assara Laser facials will reverse the effects of rosacea, premature wrinkles and fine lines and acne, restoring your skin’s natural youth and health. Laser facials are relaxing and restoring–your skin’s natural vitality will be awakened painlessly.

Laser Facials and Microdermabrasion: Combining laser facials and microdermabrasion has an even more dramatic effect on men. More and more guys are choosing to go the microderm/laser facial route to take care of their skin once they realize that better face care means less ingrown hairs, a clearer complexion and that blackheads and other blemishes can be treated comfortably and quickly.

Men's hair removal

Body hair doesn't have to be a problem anymore. We can quickly, safely, and permanently remove hair from just about anywhere on the body in just a few sessions.

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Men's Spider Vein Removal

Spider veins have you feeling unattractive? Our spider vein laser treatment is safe, non-invasive and instantaneous.

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Men's MicroDermabrasion

Pollutants and poor skin routines punish your skin daily. Brighten your dull, rough skin with microdermabrasion.

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